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Thing going on in the next few months!

trying make active again

Commissons are open!
see below

Always drawing characters.
has a list // shot

Will do commission work that has to do with pottery and will be putting up more pictures on dA to show everyone about that. I haven't been very good at doing that lately and its needed!

Before you Commission;

Commission Status:
Full / Open / Closed


When sending me A note;

Character Reference(s): ( Please add your links and names of the one or many characters you wish to have in the picture. )
Background: (optional)

- <3


The love of my life

The people I think to be close to me
:iconnezkov--sou: :iconscrap-paper22: :iconvenomx3000:

The people I know outside of dA
:iconambertakahashi: :iconbaltean: :iconreflectionsofrhythm: :iconsaridim:

-- To Do lists --

:bulletblue: Drawing list :bulletblue:

100 Theme Challenge

so I've been working at the theme Challenge! I hope you can enjoy the drawings as much as I do. I do draw then every day I just run out of time at the end of the day sometimes to post them. but don't worry I do post them after a bit if I forget to.

Starting a Business

So I'm in the process in getting my business up and running. it seems to get put ahead of anything for here but I will be back and forth as much as I can with out getting myself to worn out that is.


:icon0-phoenix-feather-0: :iconsquadomega:




:iconadjenkins: :iconqianlong-artist: :iconbearafterbeer: :iconkingofthecouch: :iconvalkyrie1995:


Pokemon Tagged

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 29, 2015, 5:30 PM
So I got tagged for this. I don't mind. from the looks of this it will be fun.
I got tagged by scrap-paper22 

 The rules:

1: Go to and set it to Generate 1, 
all generations and all types, no nature.

2: Paste the Pokémon to the corresponding question.
3: Type down your reaction~!
4: No Pokémon repeats.
5: Turn off the "Ubers" option.
6: Post these rules!

The questions:

Your partner-in-crime:
Member 1:
Member 2:
Main Boss:
Grunt 1:
Grunt 2:
Grunt 3:
Inn Keeper:
Your boyfriend/girlfriend:
Your stalker:
Your admirer:
Your enemy's team leader:
Boss 1:
Boss 2:
Boss 3:
Final Boss:
Your sempai:
The pokemon that defeats you:
Pokemon who tags others:

Now to me being tagged! and me answering all this shit.


Heh.. I actually laughed first. Huntail. I didn't even know this was a pokemon!

Your partner-in-crime:

total happy face! I love Kirlia!

Member 1:

Porygon2 : I'm starting to why Scrap is getting me to do this... I find this one funny!

Member 2:

Pidgey... I have a Pidgey~!

Main Boss:
Volcanion: ummmm I'm fucked : D pffffff haha

Grunt 1:
Zweilous: pff this is a grunt?

Grunt 2:
Ledian: okay I kinda feel bad for it... I don't wanna fight a ladybug!

Grunt 3:
Metapod: Meeeeeetaaapod~ Honestly I love this one.

Inn Keeper:
Wynaut: ohhhhh~ its so cute! I'm okay with this. it looks happy

Your boyfriend/girlfriend:
Tirtouga: ummmm no.

Your stalker:
Dwebble: the perfect Stalker... you can't know its them because of the oversized Shell! : D 

Your admirer:
Sandslash: yaaaay~! I love sandslash~! I'm okay with this!

Your enemy's team leader:
Timburr: I think they look like a perfect team leader. if you fuck up they can even beat you over the head with a 4x4!

Boss 1:
Sharpedo: he looks like a boss.. he should have been the leader.

Boss 2:
Seedot: I don't know this pokemon actually but I think they would be one you could mistake for a bomb.

Boss 3:
Eelektrik: there seems to be a theme here..

Final Boss:
Eelektrik: look the last one will electrocute you!

Your sempai:
Goldeen: umm.. I'm not sure how helpful this one can be outside of the water..

The pokemon that defeats you:

Porygon: I guess they wanted revenge..

Pokemon who tags others:
And so the cutest thing will tag you all!

Well~! Have fun guys~!

Some Updates

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 9, 2015, 2:21 PM
So I'm sure people have noticed I stopped posting up my themes for each day. I am still doing them I just run out of time thought he day to scan and post them up. There should be a day soon though that I can start posting again I'm just so tired now after work. I get studio time during the week where I'm just in studio getting things ready and making pots to soon sell int he future. Then from there I either come home or go off to find more things that I have been missing or paperwork for said studio. And if I'm not there then I'm at work. I still have that part time job that is helping to pay for all of these things I need.

Anyways with money in mind I will probably be losing my.. what is it call now? Core thing? anyways the member ship for dA. I don't have the money on my visa to keep going with it so I'm going to be losing it for a while. back to the normal ads all the time and limited things. I'm not sure to how much do you lose now when your not a member ship person? I've been thinking about that a bit because I do like what I have but I know it will only stay for so long. Well if someone would like to throw cash at me for it that would be so kind! : D I'm kidding. I'm actually fine with this. I wasn't sure how long I could have kept the thing anyways though. because of this problem. now that I have the pottery stuff as a business I kinda need to change how I pay for things now. I got so much to do! I'm not even going to go into the list actually because I'm sure it will overwhelm someone.

Also! Something funny.

Computer Fail by fredrickburn

Have a night nice guys!

Theme Challenge - Day 28 by Noir-fox5
Theme Challenge - Day 28
Today's theme: Fangs

Kain doesn't get much love so he was the one I picked for this one.
Theme Challenge - Day 27 by Noir-fox5
Theme Challenge - Day 27
Today's theme: Rain

Ravi is back again~! this time a bit sad looking because he really does fit this the best.
Theme Challenge - Day 26 by Noir-fox5
Theme Challenge - Day 26
Today's Theme: Howl

You have no idea how tempting it was to draw Howl from Howl's moving castle for this one but I had to resist it..


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Hey I need to ask you a question. I need to know which version of akki was talking to vox the time she decides to call it off with him? I was gonna draw them both but I'm trying to do a not up to date version. I am going to document vox changing after that incident but the first image I was going to make with Akki.
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